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Speed key activated, by PUSH  TURBO

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The SPEED key switch has been activated (6/13/2024), granting you access to four distinct performance tunes. This switch now functions as a controller for both low and high boost settings. It allows you to adjust the boost levels for both 91 octane fuel and E85. The Emtron ECU will automatically detect the presence of E85 fuel. When the switch is in the off position and you are using 91 octane fuel, you will have an additional 10-wheel horsepower compared to the stock configuration (which was 145-wheel horsepower on our dyno, with tune 8). With the switch off, you will have approximately 155-wheel horsepower. By activating the speed key switch with 91 octane fuel, the power output will increase to around 165-wheel horsepower. When the speed key switch is off and you are using E85, the power output will be approximately 170-wheel horsepower. However, when the speed key switch is on with E85, the power output will reach approximately 211-wheel horsepower.

The speed key switch can serve as a driving aid as you are driving. This feature, known as PUSH to pass, allows you to activate additional TURBO power when necessary. Conversely, you have the option to deactivate it when you don’t require the extra boost, thereby conserving both fuel and the longevity of your vehicle’s components. Simply PUSH  the switch to engage the turbo boost when needed.

The valet key has been replaced with a regular key function.

The Emtron ECU enhances safety measures significantly, implementing numerous additional strategies compared to the stock ECU. There are no unnecessary detuning strategies included, ensuring optimal performance without any automatic detuning complications.

Every gear selection is accompanied by a unique throttle pedal strategy. Reverse gear offers low throttle pedal resolution, facilitating easier and safer backing up. In Neutral, the rev limiter engages sooner with a standard pedal resolution. First gear provides low throttle pedal resolution initially, gradually increasing, which is ideal for low-speed maneuvers, rock crawling, and loading onto a trailer. There is no throttle acceleration when encountering bumps at slow speeds. Second gear features a standard throttle resolution that slightly increases, while third gear maintains a normal throttle resolution.

The gauge will display boost correctly now, showing boost instead of absolute pressure. Therefore, if it’s running at 20 psi, you will see 20 on the gauge. There is no need to calculate by subtracting 14.7 to determine your boost pressure anymore.

Additional characteristics consist of enhanced cooling system strategy, closed-loop boost regulation, where the boost will adjust automatically with changes in elevation. In case of any issues, internal data logging allows us to diagnose the problem effectively. The drivability of the product is exceptionally impressive. If you are dissatisfied within the first day of use, you have the option to return it for a full refund, showcasing our confidence in its quality. Please note that this does not cover any labor costs for installation or removal.

ECU system requires our clutch kit and modifications.

Our clutch kit and modifications are necessary for the proper functioning of the ECU system.


Horsepower gains with the Speed key switch activated:

  • Four different performance tunes

  • Speed key will become a low and high boost controller

  • Self adjusting boost for 91 octane and E85

  • Emtron ECU will automatically detect E85 fuel

  • Off position with 91 octane will give you 10-wheel horsepower over stock, approximately 155-wheel hp

  • Activating the Speed key switch with 91 octane will increase your horsepower to approximately 165-wheel hp

  • Speed key switch off with E85  will give you 170-wheel horsepower

  • Speed key switch on with E85 will give you approximately 211-wheel horsepower

  • The valet key has been replaced with a regular key function.

  • One year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Please note these horsepower numbers were done on an uncalibrated brand-new hub dyno. We were using the facility for ECU final calibrations and performance gains without changing any clutching.  Calibrations are for reliable performance gains. We were not trying to extract maximum horsepower, that is for another day. We will be doing full performance tunes.

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