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Our stage two turbo system is basically the same kit as our stage 1 Except for this kit comes with our high-performance engine pack at a discounted price. This kit is required on all 2018 and some early 2019 models,  (Call me I’ll let you know how to find out what you have) it is not necessary on 2020 and up, unless you want the bigger horsepower gains. This turbo system complements this car not only in performance but also in its look, its not slapped together and here you go, I am a true Hot-rodder at heart, it not only has to perform it also needs to look Spectacular doing it. The part is where it is on purpose not because it was easy.

  • One year parts warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • Professionally designed by PUSH  TURBO.
  • Big reliable horsepower gains 265-320. For over five years on the XX.
  • adjustable boost pressure. (10-23 psi) No remapping needed.
  • Turbo system is pre-assembled easy to install.
  • PSS47-6063 ET (Extended tip) 64 AR Turbo housing, dual ceramic ball bearing,  60mm billet ET compressor wheel.  PSS=Power Sports Series By PUSH  TURBO.   we had this way before Garrett. See our turbo category for more specs, because we want you to know.
  • Liquid to air intercooler system, Has its own coolant with water pump.
  • Our signature series triple exhaust, stainless steel muffler with replaceable ceramic packing.
  • ECU reflash, this ECU was designed to operate a turbo. This makes it run like a factory turboed car, we add 2 three bar map sensors, remove speed limiter, raise the Rev limiter, adjust throttle resolution, remove seat belt limiter.  The flash is included with the kit along with ground shipping, just ship us your ECU when you’re ready to start, or you could purchase our downloader and do it yourself. 
  • Charge tube and intake tubing are all high quality silicone, No aluminum tubing to get heat soaked.
  • PUSH  TURBO high quality 38 millimeter blow off valve.  Fully serviceable.
  • Larger than stock Donaldson air box, 3 inch in and out,  with our own washable high flow air filter.
  • 850 cc plug and play injectors, no adapter.
  • New urethane intake boots, prevents the intake from popping off at higher boost levels. Stock is soft rubber.
  • 2 foot breaking, can be on the gas and brake at the same time to slide the car into a turn without it going into limp mode. Drivability is fantastic.
  • Braided stainless steel oil lines.  Pressure and return.
  • Liquid cooled turbo.
  • Durable!!!  Our parts do not break under any driving conditions, no breaking mufflers no breaking brackets, no what the Hell…
  • Exhaust tone is very nice, no more drone.
  • Upgradable for even more horsepower.
  • Complete engine package, everything you need to make it turbo ready. Read our engine package page for all the specs. Rods, Pistons, Head studs, Gasket kit.The Arctic Cat XX is the most capable car available, the handling, ride, safety, durability, it really only lacks in HP. Even though it performs well at 130 HP it can’t compete to industry standards, it does not have that thrill of Oh yeah I’m going fast. You bring this car to 220 plus horsepower it is absolutely the number one car to have. The drivetrain holds up very well, we have customers with over 15,000 miles on these cars with the original drivetrains and axles, I have to be honest the 2018 are less reliable. With the 2020s and newer have been awesome. We have been testing the new drivetrains for the 2024 and they are amazing, Black Hills addition is the way this car should be built for trail riding. The regular model is what you want for open terrain.I have been building Turbo systems for this engine platform since 2011, that is when YAMAHA asked me To design a turbo system for the Nytro snowmobile, this is after YAMAHA tested other companies turbo systems with poor results. When testing our turbo kit they were very impressed. I was the only one to pass their durability tests, Yamaha’s testing is very stringent.  That was on my first try. Push turbo is the very first turbo system to be offered by YAMAHA, part number SMA-TURBO-00-00. From our IT Yamaha used it to help develop their turbo system for the current model snowmobiles.  I have over 1,000,000 turbocharged miles on this Platform, edging closer to 2 million. Nobody even comes close to how many turbo kits we have produced for this engine platform.  I have been the silent majority…
Weight 69 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 18 in


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